Request Password Flowchart (New 2021)

How to get or Reset Password on PsyCHE

To get or reset your PsyCHE account password please click the “Forgot password?” button which is in login block on PsyCHE site or simplify by clicking this link below:

Fill the form, your User ID (NIM); PsyCHE will sending you a new temporary password to your registered email in PsyCHE (
Please login to PsyCHE with your new temporary password and change it. This temporary password is valid for 24 hours only. If this temporary password is not changed in 24 hours, PsyCHE will restore your password with the old one.

1 Make sure your email is activated and ready to receive email message
2 You can accessing your mail in url:
3 Username and password for your email is the same with your CyberCampus account

Import Test Result from PsyCHE into CyberCampus

Yudisium Oktober 2013

Photos : Bivita Brata
Mixing : Yudi Sulistya
Song : Vitamin C – Graduation (Friends Forever)

How To Login PsyCHE with UNAIR mail (update)

Here is a short tutorial about how to login to PsyCHE using your unair mail..

  1. Open
  2. Enter your ID (NIP/NIK for lecturers or employees, NIM for students) and your cybercampus password
  3. Open
  4. Click the button
  5. You will redirect to PsyCHE dashboard

[full screen mode is recommended]